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Staff for Summer 2018 Camps (more TBA)
Crystal Buyaki
Melissa Charles
Wesley Diener
Jennifer DiNoia
Laura Ege
Eleanor Fabiano
Jonathan Karns
Kolby Kindle
Natalee McReynolds
Michael Miranda
Sean McDonald
Katie Muhlenkamp
Nancy Paulson
Deon Ridley
Leslie Scott-Jones
Tracie Skipper
Matthew Steffens
Christine Thalwitz
Christopher Vo
Catherine Wells
Mark Williams

YLP Summer Staff
Taylor Glennon
Bella Hersman
Tyasia Lindsay
Rylan Snyder
Greyson Taylor
Jonah Taylor
Katya Thalwitz
Katie Wall
Connor Wells

Staff and Guest Artists for Pre-Professional Troupes 

Melissa Charles, Director, Dream Team and JTF Troupe
Natalee McReynolds, Music Director for Dream Team and JTF Troupe
Brad Bass, Choreographer for JTF Troupe, Dream Team Guest Artist
Becca Vourvoulas, Director, Junior Stars
Nancy Paulson, Music Director and Curriculum Coordinator, Junior Stars
Laura Ege, Logistics Coordinator for JTF Troupe and Stage Manager for Junior Stars
Greyson Taylor, Student Assistant – Junior Stars
Arvold Casting, Dream Team Guest Teaching Artists
Kim Terry, Dream Team Guest Artist (On-Camera Acting)
Katie Pruitt, Dream Team Guest Artist (Dance)
Logan Patterson, Dream Team Guest Artist (Dance)
Erin Riley,  Dream Team Guest Artist (Circus Arts)
Boomie Pederson, Dream Team Guest Artist (Acting/Shakespeare/Devised Theatre)
Priyanka Shetty, Dream Team Guest Artist (Acting)
Michael Miranda, Dream Team Guest Artist (Acting)
Jean DePiro, Audition and Rehearsal Accompanist
Erica Umback, Audition Accompanist
Mike Long, Dream Team Guest Artist (Auditioning)
Perry Medlin, Dream Team Guest Artist (Auditioning)
Kevin White, Dream Team and Junior Stars Guest Artist (Music/Audition Accompaniment)

DMR Adventures Classes
Kim Terry (On-Camera Acting)
Leslie M. Scott-Jones (Acting)
Melissa Charles (Musical Theatre)
Boomie Pederson (Acting)
Becca Vourvoulas (Dance)

Lion King, Jr. Staff
Celena Cox, Director
Joshua Tucker, Stage Manager
Edna-Jakki Miller, Choreographer
Melissa Charles, Producer
Mark Williams, Company Manager/Music Team
Xavier Taylor, Music Team
Jane Gargett, Music Team
Kiki Dowell, Assistant Choreographer
Emily Webb, Assistant Stage Manager
Alex Albaugh, Assistant Stage Manager
Joshua Gritz, Scenic Designer
Tracie Skipper, Lighting Designer

Beauty and the Beast, Jr. Staff
Mark Williams, Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Melissa Charles, Director/Choreographer
Bella Hersman, Assistant Choreographer
Anya Rothman, Assistant Stage Manager
Katie Wall, Assistant Music Director
Josh Tucker, Music Director/ASM
Kevin White, Music Director
Amand Van Der Sluys,  Costume Designer
Connor Wells, Lighting Designer
Joshua Gritz, Scenic Designer

Elf, Jr. Staff
Celena Cox, Music Director
Laura Ege, Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Melissa Charles, Director/Choreographer
Mark Williams, Assistant Stage Manager
Maddie Chin, Assistant Stage Manager
Nathan Ege, Assistant Stage Manager
Shannon Walsh, Costume Designer
Crystal Buyaki, Wardrobe Manager

Past Guest Artists/Intructors

Meredith Akins, Guest Instructor & Broadway Performer
Aaron Ramey, Guest Instructor & Broadway Performer
Mariah Johnson, Stage Makeup Instructor
Tara Scott, Music Director
Matthew Steffens
, Guest Instructor & Broadway Performer
Deon Ridley, Guest Instructor & Broadway Performer
Jennifer DiNoia, Guest Instructor & Broadway Performer
Tony Gonzalez, Guest Instructor & Broadway Performer

Regular Visiting Guest Artists:

Brad Bass, Guest Instructor & Broadway Performer
Keven Quillon, Guest Instructor & Broadway Performer


Are you a high school student or college who loves to perform, direct, or design musicals or plays? Are you interested in gaining more experience by being on the staff of DMR Adventures? Apply to the DMR Adventures Youth Leadership Program. Please click on this link to apply. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions!

If you are interested in being an staff member for current or future camps and classes, You may email us at with your resume, availability, and salary requirements.

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