Our DMR Summer Camps are now online! Click here to register for one of our EIGHTEEN amazing summer camps! We filled our first Greatest Showman camp so soon and hadjust ADDED a new (MINI) GREATEST SHOWMAN camp the week of August 6th for our younger students.

Both performances of Dorothy’s Adventure on May 12 are now SOLD OUT! Please see below for our Standby Policy.

AUDITIONS are coming up for the Fall Jr. Broadway Adventure program – Junie B. Jones, the Musical JR. (and for those who missed auditions for our Summer Audition Only Programs). Click here to find out more!

Standby Policy
Please note that this is a standby line but this is not standing room. For those who have been in the theatre, you know that there is no standing room.  Please read the policy below and feel free to share.

Standby Policy
If you’d like to buy tickets for our sold out performance, you can join the standby line, which will begin no earlier than 45 minutes before show time. Unclaimed tickets will begin to be released 5 minutes before the show begins. Anyone wishing to buy unclaimed tickets MUST stay physically in line, and no single person may buy more than 2 tickets. There will be no list in writing and it will be impossible to get tickets for the sold out performance more than 5 minutes before the show begins. Being in the standby line does not guarantee you will get a ticket, but we will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible.


DMR Adventures specializes in classes and productions in the performing arts. Click here to read more about our organization. Click here to register for our upcoming classes and programs! DMR Stands for Dreams Made Real, but please just call us DMR or DMR Adventures!

DMR Adventures not only puts on a show that you would want to watch and bring your kids to, it also it a wonderful training ground for your would-be young performer.

Selina N.

My daughter loves being a part of the DMR Adventures family! Top-notch productions!  🙂

Shannon W.

DMR Adventures is an amazing program with a variety of opportunities for kids from beginner to pre-professional. The training is high quality and fun, and Melissa Charles is a kind and skilled leader who is loved by her students.

Erin R.

DMR Adventures has given me not only an incredible theatrical education and life-changing leadership opportunities, but has also given me a family across the country.

Michaela C.

A positive, supportive environment that promotes creativity and self confidence. DMR programs give local children the opportunity to perform in our community and explore options beyond.