Mondays, 5:30-7
Ages 11-16

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Have you ever thought about acting in TV and or film? If so, this is the class for you. Come and find out what it takes to begin the path of acting in the Entertainment Industry in TV and Film. You may have a background of acting in Theatre; this would be a class for you to see the difference of these two mediums in auditioning and in acting styles and techniques. If you have no background in theatre, you will begin to learn the craft of TV/Film acting. These acting skills are also applicable to the Theatre. This class is fun and informative. All work is done on camera so that you will really see and know how your work shows up on screen.

Kim Terry will be leading this workshop. Kim has been in the Entertainment Industry for over 35 years. She has acted in over 100 commercials and most notably as the Aramis Woman with Ted Danson for 5 years. She has acted in General Hospital and Dynasty. She has played the wife of Bill Murray and has acted with Richard Gere.

Kim has been teaching the craft of acting for the last 20 years to actors as young as 5 and as old as 80. She has successfully helped hundreds of actors begin in the business by getting agents, getting auditions, and booking acting jobs. She has students that are on TV series and students that have acted in feature films.

Come join in this class to see if you have a passion for this kind of acting.