Stage Makeup Workshop

An introduction to the art of Stage Makeup!

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This makeup workshop will feature old age, cat/animal, injury, and students will create their own special character! Stage Makeup Workshop is predominantly geared for ages 9 and up.
We have 2 workshops lined up:

June 26, 1-5

July 9, 2-6

The class will be taught by Mariah Johnson. Mariah is the owner of Bio Duck FX, a Make-up and Special Effects company. Creating make-up illusions for independent films since 2003, Mariah has perfected the art of bringing the fantastic and bizarre to life with her skillful applications. With abundant passion for her work, a steady hand, keen artist’s eye and firm grasp of human and creature anatomy she has performed hundreds of transformations. From beauty make-up to creatures and gore, Mariah loves what she does and it shows through her attention to detail and professional dedication to her work.

Mariah is also a dancer and choreographer, and teaches at the Village School.

*LIMITED Scholarships available and will be based on a combination of merit and need.*
Sponsorship opportunities available!