We’ve been planning a NYC-style cabaret series for some time, and our DMR Adventures dreams are finally being made real! Join us on Saturday, July 5 at 9:00 PM at BON for a night of music from Broadway and other genres. You’ll hear a range of pieces, from breathtaking to side-splitting, and you are sure to hear something you’ve never heard before! Starring Broadway performer, Brad Bass, and featuring local and regional singers, we hope to make this Cabaret a monthly series. Please come out and show your support! All proceeds will fund scholarships  so that area youth may participate in musical theatre camps and classes. If you haven’t visited BON, this is a great opportunity.  BON is an art marketplace/concert venue/cafe/restaurant/bar, and their mission is “to promote the creativity of the human spirit.”  We’re so excited to partner with them on this cabaret (and hopefully many more to come) to help fulfill that mission via musical theatre! Light dinner and drinks are available starting at 7:00, and many of the performers will be there at that time. We look forward to sharing music and memories with you!

Broadway and Beyond

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